What kind of people attend networking events?

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What kind of people attend networking events?


What kind of people attend networking events?

The answer is: people like you! Yup, it’s true. From tried and true networkers to first-timers and everything in-between, networking events are full of all different types of professionals.


People from different areas come to networking events looking for the right connections.

Professionals who attend a networking event seek to connect with people who help them grow their business. Here’s what we have to say about how networking can work for both extroverted, or more sociable, and introverted, or more shy, professionals.


1) The Sociable Networker: Normally you will see this person talking to everyone and it will be easy for them to connect with others. If you’re not naturally sociable, observe these professionals and learn what techniques they apply to networking that you can begin to try. Now, sometimes, these more social butterflies are really engaged in learning about others while others are really only engaged in ways they can increase their business, and talking about themselves, their products and services, and how you can help them grow. Watch out for these people. Networking successfully comes from building reciprocal relationships and you should avoid the self-centered networker who is not interested in helping you to expand and grow alongside them.


2) The Shy Networker: Some people have a little trouble opening up to others but once you meet them, you may find that behind that shy facade, they are just as competent and professional as the naturally social networking butterfly. Many networkers lose big opportunities with the more introverted, quiet types that attend networking events. If you are shyer, try to burst out of your comfort zone by implementing a few body language tips to feel bolder, or copying some of the techniques that others who are more outgoing use to their success. If you are outgoing and meeting more introverted professionals at your networking event, don’t skip over the diamond in the rough just because they are quieter and more to themselves!


At Prime Time, we welcome everyone to engage in networking fairly and amicably with our amazing members, and we provide tips and tricks to help professionals work on their strengths, and they build their businesses and communities together with us. We invite you to join us as a guest for free at one of our 15 South Florida networking events!

Now reader, which group do you belong to? Are you more sociable, shyer, or something in between? Comment below with your experience as a networker at Prime Time or somewhere else!


Michael Wendrow, Director of Prime Time Business Network