Tips to make amazing connections if you are shy

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Tips to make amazing connections if you are shy


Tips to make amazing connections if you are shy

Do you ever sit down to think that you are too shy and that can close you many doors?

Well, this blog is for you!

Networking is for everyone, and you can learn some tips to feel more secure at the moment of an event and even for online networking.

Start by talking with the people that you know: Don’t feel the pressure of approaching right away. As long as you talk with your friends you will be losing the shyness.

Stop thinking that you are not valuable: These thoughts can lead you to apologize too much, a networking event it’s not about powerful people, it’s about people helping other people.

Practice a genuine smile: A smile can open doors for you! Just that simple, practice at home a smile and you’ll see how they will approach you.

If you are afraid to talk or say something wrong, don’t worry! People love to be heard, so stay close and listen to everything they have to say and show total interest in the conversation, it’s a great way to be remembered as someone good to talk with.

Be yourself: It sounds cheesy but it is true! Many people tend to act like somebody else but the best option that a shy person can have it’s being authentic.

These are some advice about what you can do! Try to practice and you’ll be ready to start networking!

Michael Wendrow, Director of Prime Time Business Network