Does virtual networking compare to in-person networking?

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Does virtual networking compare to in-person networking?


Does virtual networking compare to in-person networking?


Does virtual networking compare to in-person networking?

This debate has been circulating amongst many “traditional” networkers, especially since the advent of the global change of COVID on the virtual nature of business and relationships. Many of these traditional networkers are learning to get comfortable with online networking, while others swear by its success. This brings the obvious question: should more professionals adapt to online networking as a better strategy for business?


As of yet, research has not directly proven which way of networking is the best, but at Prime Time Business Networks in South Florida, we have found that our shift to online networking has opened doors to bigger and deeper connections for many of our members as we adapt to the ‘new normal’ of 2020.


Sure, there are some major elements to physical connection and conversation missing- the je ne sais quoi of body language and expression, the time and mental preparation behind arriving at a meeting, and the energy of a room that is filled with professionals buzzing to make a deal. However, the ease of logging into Zoom for a virtual meeting, enjoying a coffee at home in a more relaxed dynamic, and the personalized aspect of virtual networking has shortened the distance between many both personally and professionally, allowing for a new view into each other and each other’s businesses.


As society adjusts to this new normal, we invite you to join us in one of our 15 virtual networking meetings where professionals from different fields join together to grow and expand each other’s businesses. Here are some of the benefits of networking with Prime Time in South Florida:


-Our online networking platforms have helped members to grow their businesses beyond local opportunities

-Our Zoom meetings are an easy way of instant communication without the trek to a physical meeting room, allowing for more time focused on other things

-You can easily break the ice with our pre-planned meeting structure; no more of “I have to be serious to be taken seriously”.

-Our networking groups are great opportunities for salespeople and new business owners to connect with others and build a genuine book of business over time.

-Our online networking groups can be enjoyed morning, noon, and night from the comfort of your home or office.

Mark Hirsch, Founder of Prime Time Business Network.