Do I need a certification to start networking?

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Do I need a certification to start networking?


Do I need a certification to start networking?

Cambridge Dictionary defines certification as: “the process of earning an official document, or the act of providing an official document, as proof that something has happened or been done”

You probably already have a certification corresponding to your area of work, either because you went to a university or took a specialization course, but what if you have not had higher studies? NOTHING!

You don’t need a certification or a medal that says: “You can network”

Let’s remember that networking is creating connections that will help our business grow. And, when you network more than a certification, you need experience in your area, that’s the best support you can have when you talk about your work.

Of course, the more knowledge you have about your area, the better because it shows that you are academically prepared to face work situations in the best possible way.

But if you are starting your entrepreneurship in the middle of your career or course, you should not worry. In networking events, it is not necessary to show a credential

As a tip, we suggest that you always keep in mind to take courses related to your area, apart from giving you tools to make your business believe, it also helps you to show sceptics that you are not only having good luck but that your work and success is the result of your effort

Michael Wendrow, Director of Prime Time Business Network